Supertall Chicago Luxury Living: Wanda Vista Tower

Friday, September 25th, 2015

Chicago residential architecture is rising to greater heights than ever before! The city’s skyline has always been dominated with sky-scraping office towers, but in the past 15 years, super tall residential towers have truly come to stake their claim on Chicago architecture. The rise of Trump Tower and Aqua solidified Chicago’s pursuit of residential height, and now a handful of new projects are continuing that tradition and even expanding beyond the Loop, with the greatest density of super-tall skyscrapers, to areas beyond.

Wanda Vista Tower, Gang Studios et al

The building that has been on everyone’s lips this summer has been the second residential superstructure by Jeanne Gang and her Studio Gang team. Wanda Vista Tower will soon rise not far from her most famous project, Aqua, the world’s tallest building by a female-led architecture firm. However, at 84 stories, Aqua is soon to be old news compared to her cousin Wanda, whose largest tower will stand at 93 stories.

wanda-exterior in situ

Most refreshing is that both projects feature an great deal of focus on architectural style and aesthetics as well as size–these are buildings designed to impress visually, not just to be impressive with regards to size. We love that the project was discussed at the Chicago Expo as a work of art!


Another benefit of the project will be the added infrastructure improvements to Wacker drive that will facilitate pedestrian circulation in Lakeshore East, one of the premier residential enclaves in the city (and a favorite of our clients!).

Wanda Vista Kitchen Render

Amenities-wise, residents can expect the full treatment, to an event greater extent than Aqua, which has set the standard for luxury residential buildings (outdoor and fitness amenities to name a few!). And who could forget about the views…

Wanda Vista Fitness Render

You know we love living at the top!

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