Supertall Chicago Luxury Living: Helmut Jahn in the South Loop

Friday, October 16th, 2015

Chicago residential architecture is rising to greater heights than ever before! The city’s skyline has always been dominated with sky-scraping office towers, but in the past 15 years, super tall residential towers have truly come to stake their claim on supertall Chicago architecture. The rise of Trump Tower and Aqua solidified Chicago’s pursuit of residential height, and now a handful of new projects are continuing that tradition and even expanding beyond the Loop, with the greatest density of supertall Chicago skyscrapers, to areas beyond.

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1000 S. Michigan Ave (Helmut Jahn Designed)

The South Loop area is rising to new literal and figurative heights with the influx of starchitects and prestigious architectural development projects, with the Helmut Jahn project and Raphael Vinoly (discussed previously) projects at the forefront.

Jahn’s tallest project to day, 1000 S Michigan alone will not only add over 500 residential units to the South Loop market, but, at 86 stories, will also stand amongst Chicago’s tallest buildings. If completed before the Wanda Vista Tower, it will briefly enjoy status as the fifth tallest building in the city.

Helmut Jang Supertall South Loop Chicago Project

Resembling 4 glass boxes stacked in a sort of inverted stair, the top 60 floors will house condominiums with 21 floors of apartment units and then 3 floors of amenities and retail. The parking structure will have a terraced roof, and there will also be a shielded rooftop garden on the main tower.

With a lack of any other vertical competition directly surrounding, views from the units promise to offer uncompromising views of the entirety of Grant and Millennium Park, the harbor, and also the main points of the Chicago skyline. And with balconies placed in “zippers” up the side of the building, these views will able to enjoyed from inside or out.

This is one building that we can’t wait to see and show to clients!

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