Supertall Chicago Luxury Living: 113 E Roosevelt (Raphael Vinoly South Loop)

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

Chicago residential architecture is rising to greater heights than ever before! The city’s skyline has always been dominated with sky-scraping office towers, but in the past 15 years, super tall residential towers have truly come to stake their claim on supertall Chicago architecture. The rise of Trump Tower and Aqua solidified Chicago’s pursuit of residential height, and now a handful of new projects are continuing that tradition and even expanding beyond the Loop, with the greatest density of supertall Chicago skyscrapers, to areas beyond.

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113 E Roosevelt, Crescent Heights and Rafael Vinoly

The southern end of Grant Park is proposing a supertall architectural anchor of its own, and also potentially in multiples! Not a set of 3 structures, as with Wanda, but a lovely pair of twins may soon rise from the corner of Roosevelt and Michigan. New-to-Chicago developer Crescent Heights and architect Rafael Vinoly recently revealed a proposal for not one, but two skyscrapers that would bring nearly 800 new apartments to the area in total.

Vinoly South Loop Tower render

The tallest of the towers is proposed to be 76-stories, dwarfing the next tallest South Loop residential towers that also in the surrounding area. As with the Wanda Vista Towers, the architects and developers understand the project as not just a residential or architectural idea, but something with real urban implications.

But the architecture is not forgotten, and while not as outright striking as the Wanda Vista towers, Vinoly is remaining conservative with his design in order to produce towers that are memorable, contextual, and timeless, rather than trendy. Which is important, as the project will take at least 2 years to complete!



But the implications go even further–the prestige of this project will likely act as a draw for increasingly prominent architects to come to the South Loop, such as with the project that we mentioned in our post on upcoming major luxury residential projects in the South Loop but now have more information on (to come!), the new Helmut Jang supertower that will be not too far from these twin towers.

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