Downtown Chicago Neighborhoods Guide: Where Should You Live

Thursday, January 21st, 2016

Downtown Chicago Neighborhoods Guide: Which area is right for you? Part 1 looks at the neighborhoods north of the river |

Downtown Chicago Neighborhoods Guide: The Best of the City Right at Home

One of the first questions that we ask clients is if they know much about Chicago and have any potential neighborhoods in mind for their home or apartment search. While many of our clients have some idea of where they want to live, just as many clients are new to Chicago, and only know the location of their future offices! Furthermore, with the amount of change in the urban Chicago residential landscape even in the past years, many long-time Chicagoans aren’t even aware of changes within their own city: neighborhoods that were empty a decade ago are now vibrant communities with beautiful new and refurbished buildings.

Before we get the busy real estate season, we thought we would take time to discuss the most popular downtown Chicago neighborhoods for easy comparison. Make sure to check out our in-depth Neighborhood Pages for more information, from prices to entertainment!

Central Chicago Neighborhoods Guide, Part 1

This week, we are looking at these neighborhoods, listed from north to south:

Of course, there are many more neighborhoods to learn about, but for the sake of space, we are focusing on these first.

Lincoln Park and Lakeview

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Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park and Lakeview are two of the most beloved residential neighborhoods in Chicago. Located about 2 miles from the Central Business District but accessible via various public and private transportation avenues. Love food? Some of the city’s finest as well as most beloved family restaurants call Lincoln Park and Lakeview home. Everything from vegan to sushi to charcuterie and cheese, you will find something you love. With close proximity to schools, many of the city’s best parks and the Lincoln Park Zoo, Lincoln Park and Lakeview are extremely family-friendly and ideal for raising children. Runners will love having easy access to Lincoln Park’s running trails and the Lakefront Path!

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Gold Coast and Old Town

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Gold Coast

Gold Coast and Old Town are storied Chicago neighborhoods that represent both Chicago’s tycoons (Gold Coast) and working class immigrants (Old Town). Two of Chicago’s most beautiful and intimate historically residential neighborhoods, Gold Coast and Old Town are perfect for the resident who wants to live a more mid-rise lifestyle lifestyle with options for high rises (mostly along the water front and main corridors). Old Town is home to many young professionals taking advantage of the easy access to downtown as well as the brilliant restaurants within and in the neighborhoods surrounding. Gold Coast has generally been associated with a more mature crowd but is becoming increasingly younger with the development of new buildings and restaurants.

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Old Town

River North and Streeterville

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River North

As close as you can get to the Central Business District without being south of the Chicago River, River North and Streeterville are the incredible locations for those that want access to it all: entertainment, shopping, restaurants, and more. Though a little over a decade ago, River North was still a collection of warehouses, over the past 10 years the area has morphed into Chicago’s most in demand residential area with a combination of refurbished lofts and glass surface high rises. Streeterville is the meeting place of Gold Coast and River North, both in location as well as characteristics. The home of some of the city’s most storied highrises as well as the city’s best new modern buildings, Streeterville has incredible restaurants, from Michelin Star rated to fast casual, incredible entertainment, from bowling to movies, and runs the entirety of the Magnificent Mile, one of the top shopping avenues in the world.

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Stay tuned for the rest of the Downtown Chicago Neighborhoods Guide. Think one of these neighborhoods might be the right fit for you? Explore our site and peruse your options or contact us so we can guide you through your apartment rental or home search process!


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