The Buyer’s Guide to Closing Costs

Tuesday, August 12th, 2014

The Purchaser’s Guide to Closing Costs   Purchasing a home can be one of the most exciting things in a person’s life. In some situations, it can also be one of the most stressful. Here at Chicago Signature Properties, our primary job is to make your entire purchasing experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. […]


Common Rental Mistakes

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

Common Rental Mistakes Big cities like Chicago attract vast numbers of renters and, though the cities may also offer a substantial housing stock, there are a handful of apartments that are close to a right fit for each case. Only so many spaces will fit your budgetary, lifestyle, and location considerations, so it is natural […]


Staycation: Time Off Made Easy in Chicago

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Staycation in Chicago We feel pretty safe in saying that Chicago is one of the greatest cities in the world. So why not take advantage of everything that this great city has to offer by combining the best of both worlds: the curiosity and fresh eyes of a tourist, and the know-how of a local? […]


Apartment Decor and Design

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Apartment Decor You don’t have to tell us: in a hot rental market such as Chicago, space comes at a premium. Furthermore, often that space comes with a list of rules and regulations for what you can and can’t do to make it your own. But the bottom line is just that: for the next […]


Settling In to Your New Apartment

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Settling in to Your New Apartment Ok, so you’ve gone over your move in checklist, you’re standing in your new space…. Now what? The first few days are incredibly exciting but also can be very overwhelming, particularly if you have to return to work or are in a new city. Don’t worry, we’ve got your […]


Travel: What to Do With Your Pets

Thursday, July 24th, 2014

Travel:  What to Do With Your Pets Here at Chicago Signature Properties, we make no secret that we love our pets. But sometimes, we have to go places where our best buds can’t follow. Here are some ideas for how you can ensure the safety and happiness of yourself and your pet while you are […]


Road Trip Guide

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

Road Trip Guide Need to get away for a bit, but don’t want to be stuck at the airport, or maybe you don’t even know where you want to go? Why not take a road trip?   Nail down the big picture details Determine your budget–with regards to money, time spent away, and time spent […]


Renter’s Rights

Thursday, July 17th, 2014

Renter’s Rights Nothing is worse than a bad renting experience. Renter’s rights exist and you have them. Here at Chicago Signature Properties, our team does everything that they possibly can to make sure that your rental experience is a positive and rewarding one! In order to help make that experience even better, we want to […]


Moving Out Checklist

Tuesday, July 15th, 2014

Moving Out Checklist Last week, we discussed the process of moving in to a new place. This week, we turn our attention to organizing, packing, and relocating! Although most people hate the prospect of moving, we actually see it as an invaluable experience. Moving out of one place gives you the chance for closure and […]


Move In Checklist

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Move In Checklist Your rental agency will likely give you a checklist of their own as keys are exchanged. This piece of paper serves a two-fold purpose: first, it allows them (lessor) to document the space before you (lessee) makes changes (protecting their end). Secondly, this time allows you (lessee) to inspect your new home […]


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